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What is the right board size for you when selecting a new skateboard? 


Choosing the right board at the end of the day comes down to personal preference, but there are some crucial factors to consider when selecting the right one.

                                                 Here is our essential guide

While most boards are similar in length, the deck width is the most noticeable difference. So, choosing the correct deck width for your age, height, and shoe size is important.
The size chart below is from our good friends at Element Skateboards and is an excellent guide for determining the deck width size for your next board based on height and age.




Other important things to consider regarding the width of your deck are making sure the board is not too narrow or too wide, as you need to be able to distribute your weight correctly so you can perform a variety of tricks and turns.

  • Narrow decks are an excellent place to start for younger, smaller skaters. 
  • Decks with a smaller to medium width are better suited for street skating and tricks.
  • Wider decks are the go-to choice for transition or pool skating and cruising. 

                                                 Why is shoe size important.

Shoe Size is another crucial factor when choosing a board. You want a deck that is not too wide for your feet and not too narrow. So it would help if you had a good fit between foot and board to turn, ollie and trick. Check out the graph below for some help.

Easy tip: the bigger your shoes, the wider your board should be.


Just like in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you want your "board" just right 🙂

                                                Choosing the right safety gear

Falling is part of the skateboarding process, but having the proper safety gear willmake getting up much easier, help build confidence, and build resilience.

Here are some examples of safety equipment we highly recommend Helmets are the best way to protect against concussions, and they are a must when learning to skate.

  • Knee pads reduce scraping those knees.
  • Elbow pads to protect your elbows. 
  • Wristguards are also a good idea. 

Your favourite pros still rock protective gear at their local parks and on the world stage!



           Be safe and have epic fun!



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